DVLA today (25 September 2014) published the consultation responses on proposals to allow motorists to notify DVLA electronically of changes to a vehicle record.

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These changes are an important part of the Department for Transport’s Red Tape Challenge commitments, allowing DVLA to remove unnecessary burden and deliver real benefits to the motor trade and consumers.

DVLA is planning to allow motorists to notify us electronically of changes to a vehicle record. DVLA will deliver these changes through a phased implementation involving motor industry representatives.

The first service to be offered in October 2014 will allow a small group of motor traders to notify DVLA electronically that they’ve taken a vehicle in part exchange.

The second service which will be introduced at the end of 2014 will allow electronic notifications when a vehicle has been sold by a motor trader.

Currently, around 18 million vehicle notification changes are sent to DVLA each year. Of these, 10 million relate to ‘change of keeper’ with almost six million showing that a vehicle has been passed to a motor trader. This includes traders in used vehicles and auction houses. This phased implementation was developed in close consultation with industry stakeholders to ensure that they and their systems are ready to accommodate the changes.

Additional services will be introduced to allow electronic notifications when a vehicle is sold from one private individual to another and for fleet companies to request a registration certification (V5C log book) on demand. These services are currently being developed and are likely to be introduced in March 2015.

DVLA will now develop regulations to make the necessary changes to the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002.

View the summary of responses for the consultation.

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